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So if you are in Massachusetts and are Googling Each hand crafted Virtual Reality Ready Psyborg Extreme Gaming Computer from Psychsoftpc with the latest NVidia Geforce GTX Gaming GPUs & Intel Core X CPUs is built by hand to exacting standards to give you the ability to fully experience Virtual Reality, play all the latest computer & graphics demanding PC Games and those coming in the future and give you reliable, outstanding performance for years to come in a Psyborg Extreme Gamer PC Custom Gaming PC, whether it's our computer gaming computer Psyborg Extreme Master Gamer PC or our Psyborg Initiate Custom Gaming Computer. Design your own high performance gaming computer to be hand crafted by Psychsoftpc in Quincy, MA USA. We make the best high end 3D Graphics Professional Workstations on the planet using only the latest high end NVidia Quadro Workstation GPUs, our Psyborg Extreme Professional Workstations.