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If you see something wrong in here please tell me so I can fix it (provide sources of info, please.)Midnight on the Firing Line; Soul Hunter; Born to the Purple; Infection; The Parliament of Dreams; Mind War; The War Prayer; And the Sky Full of Stars; Deathwalker; Believers; Survivors; By Any Means Necessary; Signs and Portents; TKO; Grail; Eyes; Legacies; A Voice in the Wilderness Part 1; A Voice in the Wilderness Part 2; Babylon Squared; The Quality of Mercy; Chrysalis Points of Departure; Revelations; The Geometry of Shadows; A Distant Star; The Long Dark; A Spider in the Web; Soul Mates; A Race Through Dark Places; The Coming of Shadows; GROPOS; All Alone in the Night; Acts of Sacrifice; Hunter, Prey; There all the Honor Lies; And Now For A Word; The Shadow of Z'ha'dum; Knives; Confessions and Lamentations; Divided Loyalties; The Long, Twilight Struggle; Comes the Inquisitor; The Fall of Night Matters of Honor; Convictions; A Day in the Strife; Passing Through Gethsemane; Voices of Authority; Dust to Dust; Exogenesis; Messages From Earth; Point Of No Return; Severed Dreams; Ceremonies of Light and Dark; Sic Transit Vir; A Late Delivery from Avalon; Ship of Tears; Interludes and Examinations; War Without End, Part 1; War Without End, Part 2; Walkabout; Grey 17 is Missing; And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place; Shadow Dancing; Z'ha'dum The Hour Of The Wolf; What Ever Happened To Mr. ; The Summoning; Falling Toward Apotheosis; The Long Night; Into the Fire; Epiphanies; The Illusion of Truth; Atonement; Racing Mars; Lines of Communication; Conflicts of Interests; Rumors, Bargains and Lies; Moments of Transition; No Surrender, No Retreat; The Exercise of Vital Powers; The Face of the Enemy; Intersections in Real Time; Between the Darkness and the Light; Endgame; Rising Star; The Deconstruction of Falling Stars No Compromises; The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari; The Paragon of Animals; A View from the Gallery; Learning Curve; Strange Relations; Secrets of the Soul; Day of the Dead; In the Kingdom of the Blind; A Tragedy of Telepaths; Phoenix Rising [100th ep produced]; The Ragged Edge [100th ep aired]; The Corps Is Mother, The Corps is Father; Meditations on the Abyss; Darkness Ascending; And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder; Movements of Fire and Shadow; The Fall of Centauri Prime; Objects in Motion; Objects at Rest; Sleeping In Light There's the First Ones wiki, which has links to a LOT of interesting things, also The Chronology of the Babylon 5 Universe, compiled by Jari Laaksonen. There's fan Brandon Bray's Tech Manual, researched from various B5 shows and publications. The First Ones downloadable game: Babylon 5 "I've found her" and related items are here.