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    His love ignores the haters, ignores the trolls, ignores the elitists, and extends through to his unequivocal affection for Evanescence, as demonstrated here. You must provide accurate and complete information in response to our questions. So, one day he comes across a sexy desi sex in his neighborhood.

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    In her early twenties, Grace was well on her way in climbing the corporate ladder, being trusted by both the head of her department, as well as having made a favorable impression with the other department heads. She thought she could skim off some money from the company and got caught by none other than her rival and ex-suitor, Royston. It was part of Roystons plan to humiliate her in the office. Ming had a full head of raven black hair that reached the small of her back, and she was also a very tall girl. Im not sure if I should call it overdressed or underdressed. Just then, the elevator door opened on their floor. Grace found herself unable to answer that direct a question from Ming.

    Royston was her colleague from another department, and about five years older than she was. In days past when Grace wore what most professional young women would wear, she already got her fair share of attention from men in the office and envy from the women, as she had a slim figure, short cropped hair and exquisite make-up. Grace thought she was beautiful, as did all the men in the office as well. You didnt wear such things before Ming was obviously feeling a little distressed to be saying what she was, but Grace could tell that she was genuinely trying to help her, and she felt grateful. Not finding an immediate reply to Mings question, Grace walked out of the elevator with Ming, as the two of them made their way to the conference room where the sales meeting would be held. If she answered yes, that would raise more questions like why Royston wanted her to dress like a slut and why she needed to please him.

    She felt like her pussy was immersed in molten fire a combination of heat, lust, guilt, pleasure, shame and wetness. On Roystons computer, he saw that Grace had appeared on his list of contacts online via his instant messaging software. Grace was reluctant to take the elevator only because Royston wanted her to take the staircase to get around in the office in the day, except when she had to take the elevator from the building lobby to the office in the morning or leave the office in the evening. Well, Ive always admired you Graceyoure smart, and capable, and you can talk well, and the bosses all like you and everything.

    In a moment, Grace, said Royston, his voice firm over the phone. He had given Grace an online nickname on Messenger a very apt one reflecting her new status in the office. Email comments to darkavenger at CHAPTER 1 (MF, nc, humiliation, toy) ==================================== Grace walked across the polished marble corridor of the office. Then she saw Ming glancing at her very short skirt. As the elevator door closed with the two ladies inside, Ming said, You dont mind if I say something Grace? Which is great Why, thanks Grace smiled quizzedly, knowing that there would be a but coming up.

    Royston had asked her to go to the pantry to fetch coffee for him. What made her the center of male attraction were two things.

    Firstly, the number one hot topic among the male population in the office now was the length of Graces skirt over the last few weeks. Just when it seemed impossible for the hemline to get any higher, Grace broke her personal record.

    Now Grace was not a very tall girl to begin with, so an extra six inches was a very noticeable increase of height for her.

    Another side effect was that the lady would walk slowly to avoid losing balance on such tall heels, and this made her movements more dainty and feminine.

    Six pairs of eyes followed her up, enjoying the view of that tight ass, the tops of her black stockings appeared, and for the lucky ones standing at the right position, the pink underwear that peeked out.

    The heels were part of his plan for Graces training.

    While heightening the sensuality of a womans legs, walking in these extremely tall heels was an art, as the lady would have to balance her entire body weight, between her toes and that tiny stiletto heel on the back of the shoe.

    This has pleasing side effects from a male point of view.

    The obvious effect is to make the woman several inches taller, and her legs appear longer especially if she is wearing a short skirt.

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