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    We rented a porno in the beginning, it must be sexually satisfied. This time around we have sensual erotica showing her most attracting love opening in all detail.

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    The bondage was never very good in those shows, but it was the gags that got me. Ralphus, I love today's House of Wax poster, but it's quite clear why that movie won no Academy Awards. The scene in HOW where Phyllis Kirk is struggling as Vincent Price is about to coat her with wax is a real classic.That's why I like gags, especially detective gags, which as an honest gag is the completely ineffective, but, to me, the most visually appealing one. Glad to see you've got your rig back up and running. Anybody have a GIF of her struggling feet in the metal clamp?[I also didn't understand the fall down in snow bits until years later when I realized it had been a desire to watch her struggle to get loose.] I could relate my first masturbational fantasy at age 11 and the distracting internal moral arguments I was struggling with. Other than the rack scene, I had actually forgotten most of the movie (and when you consider that I only discovered the film after I joined this site, that's saying something).But jumping ahead, it was not until I started dating at 15 that it occurred to me that this was all ok because, heavens be thanked, it turned out that some girls wanted to be tied up as urgently as I longed to bind them! It's too bad that it appears we'll never have the full rack scene on DVD.That fantasy soon faded and I don't recall any other BDSM related thoughts until I turned 20.

    I remember seeing this movie back in the early '90s as part of a twin-bill with "The Warrior and the Sorceress," an equally silly low-budget sword-and-sorcery flick David Carradine made in 1984 trying to milk as much out of his "Kung Fu" fame as he possibly could.There were white crayons but every child knows they are notorious for always being icky with smudges of other colors.Plus with white background they simply wouldn't show. The second technical challenge was that she was drawn in a static pose with hands less than ideally placed, i.e., they were slightly away from her body instead of crossed in front or, better yet, behind her back where wrists ought to be tied.He was stripped to the waist, with his arms tied overhead to a tree limb.He had been shot with 3 or 4 arrows, but he was still conscious.

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