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    Updating icap codeword 11 31 dusty springfield dating

    From: COM-311 • Before departing:– Determine Team members– Get copy of OPLAN and develop preliminary bubble charts/sys diagrams for overall links connection, voice and data networks– Put together site survey checklist– Build site survey support kit (GPS, Transit, tape measure, vibraground)– ID alternate site location– Obtain local area maps• During:– Validate information about existing communications capabilities and determine procedures for requesting access to or support from those capabilities.– Identify or determine:o Existing terrain, HN resources, and infrastructure.o Environmental conditions (e.g., soil conditions, nearby trees/buildings, etc.).o Facility characteristics (e.g., one or multiple stories, elevators, size of building/rooms, windows, doors, hallways, etc.).o Power and heating/air conditioning capacities.o Space for deployable communications and information systems and personnel.

    From: COM-311 • Situation – Contains subparagraphs regarding Enemy, Friendly, and Assumption information.• Mission – States essential tasks required for mission accomplishment• Execution – Contains subparagraphs regarding CONOPS, Tasks, Intelligence and Reconnaissance, and Special Measures which address the 'how' of the plan.• Administration and Logistics – Logistics subparagraph covers logistical requirements for Comm sustainment, which may be an additional appendix to the comm sys annex.

    From: COM-307C • Supported Commander – identifies priorities and requirements for sourcing, validation, and movement of unit types supporting an operation.• Supported Commander’s Components – work with other services and force providers to ensure proper forces are available to support the dates in the OPLAN.• Supporting Commanders – provide forces to support the OPLAN.• US Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) – Conducts transportation feasibility tests: hosts TPFDD conference.• Force Level Planners – MAJCOM equivalent planners who input forces into the TPFDD Plan ID (PID) via Unit Line Number (ULN) entries.• Force Providers – provide forces to support the OPLAN [pretty much the same as the supporting commanders, but this is more at the Service component level].

    From: COM-307C LMST and ICAP• Lightweight Multi-band Satellite Terminal (LMST) – provides long-haul satellite communications.• Integrated Communications Access Package (ICAP) – provides common-user comm services (phones, data, networks, etc.)From: COM-309 Tropospheric/microwave radio systems and cable (commercial and tactical copper or fiber optic cables) are used to replace or augment SHF SATCOM systems for intra-theater connectivity between the AOC and other AFFOR or joint forces From: COM-309 AOC Area Support units are part of other UTCs that are tasked to augment the AOC during a crisis.

    This step is best for obtaining the Who, What, Where, When, and Why information.• Step 3, COA Development – help develop options for supporting candidate COAs; build a virtual communications system for each candidate COA and, in the next step, wargame its ability to meet the operational mission.• Step 4, COA Analysis and Wargaming – analyze the support options for each COA and participate with the operators in their analysis of the operations COAs.

    Also examine how you can manage the system during the conflict.

    updating icap codeword 11 31-15updating icap codeword 11 31-9updating icap codeword 11 31-27

    Also reflects earliest date that the supported command can accept unit, etc in the theater.• LAD (Latest Arrival Date): The latest date that is specified by the supported combatant commander as the latest date when a unit, resupply shipment, or replacement personnel can arrive at the POD and support the concept of operations.• RDD (Required Delivery Date): date relative to C-Day, when a unit must arrive at its destination and complete offloading to properly support the concept of operations.• CRD (Commander’s Required Date): the original date specified by the supported CCDR for arrival of forces or cargo at destination.

    Kerry seems pretty hot under the white collar this morning much as he did when delivering his (for him) fiery speech at the DNC last week.

    Now I know that the Dems can do no less than 'see an opening' with Palin's VP nom, yet it's all rhetoric, folks..political theater, dahlink! Still, kudos must go to the Mc Cain campaign which has garnered a lot of people's attention that was sorely lacking before last Friday's announcement of Sara Palin as VP pick while stepping on the DNC's shadow big time!

    From: COM-401 Inputs include frequency allocation and assignment, radio net authorization and operation, COMSEC services, and internal and external AOC link and service activation and management.

    This information can derive from the Annex K, AOC Information Management Plan (IMP), Joint Communications Electronic Operating Instruction (JCEOI), and the Joint Restricted Frequency List (JRFL).

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