Old data can be retained or new data can be entered while the outputs are in the high-impedance state. However, STMicroelectronics assumes no responsibility for the. These 8 bit D-Type latch are controlled by a latch. Output Voltage High or Low State. Refer to the TI application report,. Input transition rise or fall rate. OE does not affect the internal operations of the latches.

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While the latch-enable LE input is high, the Q outputs follow the data D inputs. This applies in the disabled state only. These devices feature inputs and outputs on opposite sides of the. When a high logic level is applied to the output control input, all outputs go to a high impedance state, regardless of what signals are present at the other inputs and the state of the storage elements.

While the LE inputs is held at a high level, the Q. Level of Q before the indicated steady input conditions were established. Low voltage and high-speed operation is suitable at the battery drive product note type personal. A buffered output-enable OE input can be used to place the eight outputs in either a normal logic state high or low logic levels or the high-impedance state. When the latch enable input. The I OFF circuitry disables the.


lca datasheet & applicatoin notes — Datasheet Archive

These devices feature inputs and outputs on opposite sides of the нв that facilitate printed circuit board layout. All inputs are equipped with protection circuits. These devices feature 3-state outputs designed specifically for driving highly capacitive or relatively low-impedance loads.

The device is designed for operation with a power supply range of 1. Package drawings, standard packing quantities, thermal data, symbolization, and PCB design guidelines are. The input negative-voltage and output voltage ratings lvd573a be exceeded if the input and output current ratings are observed.

Output Disable Time 1.


When the LE is taken low, the Q outputs. These devices are fully specified for partial-power-down applications using I. No license is granted by implication or otherwise under any patent or patent rights of STMicroelectronics.

Input Rise and Fall Time note 2. In the high-impedance state, the outputs neither load nor drive the bus lines significantly. The remaining output is.

74LVC573A Datasheet (HTML) — STMicroelectronics

On all other products, production. When LE is taken low, the Q outputs are latched at the logic levels at the D inputs. When a high logic level is applied to the output control input, all. To ensure the high-impedance state during power up or power down, OE should be tied to V.


The high-impedance state and increased drive provide the capability to drive bus lines without interface or pullup components. The value of VCC is provided in the recommended operating conditions table.

74LVCA Datasheet(PDF) — STMicroelectronics

Storage temperature range, T. Dynamic Low Level Quiet. When the latch enable goes low, data нк the D inputs will be retained at. High or low state. The I OFF circuitry disables the output preventing damaging current backflow when the device is powered down.

Inputs can be driven from either 3. Inputs Accept Voltages to 5. However, STMicroelectronics assumes no responsibility for the.

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